Laser Engraving Materials

These materials can be cut and/or engrave:

2-Ply Acrylics

Available in thicknesses from 0.004" to 1/8" & a wide variety of two-color combinations (Used for signs, key chains, magnets, instrument panels, etc.) 

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

Up to 1/8" in thickness

Cast Acrylic

Better choice over Extruded Acrylic for engraving (engraving has a frosted appearance)


Felt, cotton, denim, rayon, polyester, etc. (cut edges will not fray with synthetic blends) 

Extruded Acrylic

Better choice for cutting not engraving  (cuts well but does not engrave frosted like cast acrylic)  

G10 Fiberglass 

Variety of thicknesses usually 0.020" or 0.032" (small pieces and quantities - very messy & smoky)

Natural Materials 

Leather, cork, deer antler (thin material can be cut, but engraves with great contrast!)  


card stock, matte board, scrap booking papers - (Papers can be engraved without being cut! Even engraved photos!) 


Up to 1/4" in thickness (cuts with a flame-fired, clear, polished edge)

Polyester (Mylar)

Stencil material in all available thicknesses 


Veneer, plywood, balsa, MDF, bamboo, birch, cherry, walnut, maple, etc. 

These materials can be engraved:

Anodized Metals

Aluminum, brass, steel, etc.

Ceramic Tile

Multi-tile murals, custom designs, and photos


Wine glasses, wine bottles, votive cups, candles holders 

Powder-Coated Metals 

Most any coated metal


Slate, marble, granite, agate, tumbled Stones

These materials can NOT be cut or engraved:


Contains chlorine (emits chlorine gas when cut. Harmful vapors and highly corrosive)


Burns and discolors


Contains chlorine (emits chlorine gas when cut. Harmful vapors and highly corrosive)